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Melaka, Malaysia (2D1N) - 20 to 21 Aug 2016

Melaka is one of my favorite place! It is not only very close to Singapore, but I really enjoy the overall feel of this place (especially the food)! I've always told myself that I should stay at least 2 nights so that I could explore more, but I've yet to do that. Hopefully soon!

In the past, I would usually book a free and easy package with a tour agency. But this time round, I decided to book the bus tickets and hotel on my own. I like it better this way, as I could stay at a hotel near Jonker Street.

I booked the bus tickets from and chose to go with coach company 707 Inc. Service was ok, and everything was fairly smooth. However, it took us almost 5 hours to arrive in Melaka due to that awful jam at Tuas Checkpoint.

On a side note, I had no idea that I was only halfway done with this post. It was in the draft until almost a year later. And now Malacca cannot be called Malacca anymore, it has to be called Melaka. So here it goes...

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